Halloween Shoots

clowns & zombies & skeletons...oh my

If you couldn't tell by my entire portfolio on "Halloween Shoots," I'm a huge Halloween fan. I love all things spooky and scary. October is my favorite month out of the entire year. I dress up in multiple costumes each year and love haunted houses. You can catch me watching horror movies year round. I even decorate my house the first week of September. So, if you're also a Halloween enthusiast, I suggest booking one of my specialty shoots! I'll announce specific dates for September/October that are dedicated to these specific shoots. I'll even include carnival dates if you're interested in a clown, carnival shoot. These sessions are completely customizable depending on what you're wanting. Balloons, fake blood, smoke bombs + makeup by Sarah Feddersen can be added to your session. I'm always thinking up my next Halloween shoot theme, but if you have an idea, let's do it! September/October of 2020 dates to be announced at the end of the summer.

Bloody Mary Shoot

Inspired by the game "Bloody Mary" when you would go into the bathroom, turn off all of the lights, light a candle and say "Bloody Mary" 3 times. I used to try this all of the time when I was a kid. This shoot is what I pictured Bloody Mary to look like and what was going on on her side of the mirror. Kelsey was such a good sport and walked through the woods barefoot, let me drench her with fake blood, bend her body in crazy ways...all while feeling under the weather. She totally brought my childhood imagination to life.

Carnival Clown Shoot

I've taken carnival photos before, but I knew that when the carnival came into town this October, I'd want to definitely do a clown shoot. Carnival shoots are kind of difficult because carnivals are extremely crowded. Most of these photos involved a lot of holding a pose and then waiting for the people to walk out of frame. When you're in a crowded location you've gotta snap the photos as quickly as possible. Plus the added layer of it being super windy and holding a dozen balloons. Overall, Amy nailed creepy clown at the carnival and this shoot was so much fun.

Skeleton Smoke Bomb Shoot

This was the first Halloween shoot idea that I had. I had a very specific vision in my head on how I wanted the makeup and smoke bombs to look and it all came together perfectly. Makeup by: Sarah Feddersen

Tempe Clown Shoot

I knew I wanted to do a clown shoot but was extremely open to the outfit and makeup. All I knew was I wanted a dozen black balloons. When Bailey showed up for the shoot, I wasn't sure what her makeup or outfit would look like. The second I saw her, I was obsessed. Everything about her look I absolutely loved. We were going to be doing the shoot in Tempe. I had driven around Tempe the week earlier scouting locations. I drove around for about an hour and in the time found 5 locations (within walking distance or a very short drive from each other) and I knew I needed photos at all 5 locations. I was most excited for the alleyway (I also timed out when we'd shoot there so that the sun would be perfectly behind her) and the neighborhood. After this clown shoot, I immediately wanted to do about 10 more.