sincere moments of joy, laughter and everything in-between 

Family photography is the most exciting because you never know what to expect. Are we going to get a lot of laughs? Maybe some tears? Will we have a hangry toddler on our hands or a baby that doesn't like getting his picture taken by a really tall stranger? Whatever the mood or the energy, I'll capture it all. Some of the best photos are the crazy ones that make you laugh. It's always an adventure and I have a lot of patience. My favorite part of doing family shoots are the moments in-between. Your child whispering something in your ear out of the blue, tickle fights, piggy-back rides. When working with kids, it'll take a little extra work to get that photo where everyone is smiling and looking at the camera. But the sweetest part about working with kids is capturing all of the other moments.

Beth + Aubrey 

Lewis Family: