unposed and honest moments that tell your love story

I'll be honest, I've always been a hopeless romantic. As a teenager I read all of Nicholas Sparks' books, was obsessed with "The Notebook" and (this is embarrassing, don't judge) was a massive Twilight, Team Edward fan-girl. I've since grown up a little...I realized most love stories do not include houses with white picket fences and blue shutters painted for you by the boy you met at 17 (or maybe your love story does! If so, please let me photograph it!) I realized actual love stories include dorky inside jokes. They include stupid arguments and embarrassing stories. They're so much better than what I thought they were at 15 years old. That's why I love capturing couples and being able to tell their love stories. Everybody has a different love, different story. It's my goal to capture yours and what makes it different and special. I currently do not shoot large weddings. I don't plan on offering that service until 2021. I currently shoot elopements, engagements, bridals, anniversary and couples sessions. For more info, please fill out my contact form.

Beth + Gary

Ft. Aubrey

Trent + Emily

Jackie + Luke